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Who Are We?

Located in Contra Costa County, we are a group of about 80 people who enjoy running and socializing. Our members range widely in age and ability. Our ages vary from less than a year to more than seventy, with the majority in the 25-55 age bracket. The running pace varies from down around a 5 minute/mile to more than 10. We're about evenly split between single and married. There are usually more men than women at our practice runs, but not always.
In existence since 1978, we are members of the RRCA and USA Track & Field.

The Club's objectives are to:

Promote and encourage the sport of running
Promote fitness and good sportsmanship in all phases of athletic and club activities
Support club and individual member participation in related sports events
Maintain and increase the camaraderie that exists among runners of all ages and levels of ability

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